Value Added Distributors has been named a Top 50 HVACR Distributor for 2017, more specifically #25 on the list! The complete list can be seen at this link: 

The percentage of HVACR distributors who reported sales increases in fiscal year 2016 was the highest since fiscal year 2013, when 96 percent enjoyed higher sales. In fiscal year 2014, 75 percent saw a rise in sales; while 2015 brought an additional rise to 77 percent. The 90 percent of distributors who said their 2016 HVACR sales were up reported an average increase of 10.4 percent compared to 2015.

Meanwhile, this upward trend in sales is expected to continue, according to 94 percent of all respondents. The average HVACR sales increase projected for 2017 was 9.4 percent.

The 2017 edition of the survey received responses from 73 distributors, up from the 61 who responded in 2016, but down from earlier years when 80 to 90 of distributors typically responded.


Looking just at the Top 50 companies, 92 percent said their HVACR sales increased in 2016, with an average increase of 8.8 percent, while 6 percent said sales decreased, with an average decrease of 3 percent. Among the Top 50, 94 percent said they expect sales to increase in 2017 at an average of 7.9 percent above 2016 sales. Another 2 percent projected flat sales.

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