As you are likely aware, President Trump has announced his intent to implement tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, effective as soon as March 23rd.

Given that steel and aluminum are used extensively in the HVAC industry, it is almost certain that these tariffs will impact pricing, perhaps in ways we have not experienced in recent times.  To date, we have very little in terms of specific price announcements, but we haveheard rumblings, and have been notified by several vendors that they will be forced to react if the tariffs are implemented as announced.  For our part, VAD will make all efforts to communicate any announced pricing changes as soon as possible.

These are clearly unprecedented and unanticipated changes, requiring caution. In light of these circumstances, you should exercise caution in making future, binding commitments on jobs involving products that may be impacted by the tariffs.

As always, thank you for your business.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.