Dear Valued Customer, 

First, over one week into the COVID-19 virus crisis, I must start by thanking our amazing employees for the dedication to our organization and customers. In that same sense I (and the entire Baker family) are equally as dedicated to making sure we take care of our employees and their families throughout this crisis. In times like these we revert back to our core principals, and for us it is customer service and employee satisfaction - the two are impossible without each other - even if challenged (who would have ever thought we wouldn't allow our customers into our facilities?) due to this nasty virus.  

Our executive team meets every day to discuss updates, strategies, and contingencies - I won't detail them as you are likely already aware.  Our commitment is to do everything we can to STAY OPEN, including staggering our teams in most branches on a one week rotation, as we agree with the government assessment that our industry is ESSENTIAL.  We provide parts and equipment to many of the front-line facilities fighting this crisis - we must continue to do our part - however we must do so while taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees.   

During this unprecedented crisis I must admit I am more grateful than ever we are in the HVAC industry, everyone does need our services as we truly are "essential".  And while countless other industries have already been decimated we are fortunate to continue to have work - admittedly under challenging and worsening conditions.  

As President Trump alluded, we are in a war.  In times of war it is amazing to see what can be accomplished when our government, companies, charities, communities, and individuals work together towards a singular purpose. I am extremely optimistic that together as we fight an invisible enemy we will prevail sooner rather than later.  

For now stay safe, take all necessary precautions, and rely on us if you need any HVAC parts or equipment.


Chris Baker

President & CEO

Value Added Distributors